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    Find out how companies use Moffice Talk to improve business messaging for a happier, more dynamic employee culture.

What's Moffice Talk got to offer?


Group Chatrooms

Easily invite multiple guests into chatrooms for messaging. Leave and add or remove room participants at anytime.

Read Status

Numbers next to message show how many people have yet to read the message. Use it check the read status of your chat.

Live Chat

Chat with Web site visitors through the Live Chat plug-in. Answer queries and concerns in real-time, efficiently.

Mobile Push

Get mobile push notifications on the Moffice Talk app when new messages are received. Chat even out of the office instantly.

Remote Assistance

Tech problem? Call for Remote Assistance to a co-worker and they can control your computer from their seat to see the issue.

Unread Marker

Lots of people or replies in a chat? The unread marker remembers where you left off and lets you read from there.

Voice Talk

Out of minutes but have Internet connection? Use Voice Talk to call anyone from your company free of charge with crystal clear sound.


Rich Media

Send any file type to upload to the messenger server so everyone can download it fast. No size limitations either!

Moffice Integration

Integrate with various Moffice Mail & Collaboration menus and receive notifications for new mail, tasks, and other menus.

Multi-Device Sync

Need to download a file to your mobile device? Not a problem. All attachments can be downloaded from anywhere.

Screen Capture

No need for other software! Capture screenshots right with the desktop program to instantly show what you mean.

Note Widget

Create notes of various soothing colors to float on your desktop and instantly keep track of important information.



All messages and file attachments sent are encrypted with an SSL through the server for safe communication.

Chat History

View chat history with an individual or a group with various filters. Check timestamps to see what was said when.


Search through the main company organization chart for people or through chatrooms and previous chat history.

Offline Delivery

Users who are offline will get messages you send them the moment they return online. Never lose a message again.

Multi-Device Sync

Messages sent and received from all devices will update chat history. You can even login everywhere simultaneously.

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