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Moffice Mail

More than just an exceptional mail system, Moffice Mail allows users to begin setting up a collaborative work environment with essential tools that sync PC and mobile data. Now, everyone can keep up-to-date with contact data, calendar events, and company news.


Moffice Mail was designed to make your life easier.
Check out our high-powered array of features below to learn more.

Contact & Calendar

Organize contacts and calendars for optimal business management. Keep everyone in the loop on big events and contact data changes.

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Whisper & Note

Notify others of important information internally real-time and write memos on-the-go. Feel a part of your office even when away.

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Centralize company documents with sharing permissions for users and external guests. Retain and structure vital firm knowledge.

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Big Data Mail

Revolutionize the way your company does mail with a Big Data mail service. Analyze data to see how past mail can help your future.

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Gain a variety of security options, including an over 95% block rate for spam mail and 99% block rate for mail viruses. Enjoy a clean inbox, always.

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Enjoy elite features like alias addresses and Outlook integration with Moffice Mail. Utilize high-powered business features and stay classy.

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Sort and send mail whenever you need to with convenient extra functions. With intuitive controls, mastering your mailbox is a breeze.

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Search email or in the software system by subject, keywords, title, writer, and more. Lose nothing, ever.

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Simple, powerful,

and costs less than a cup of coffee.