• Spam Protection
    A mighty mail protection engine to keep inboxes clean and free from unwanted spam or viruses.

About Spam Protection

Tired to constant spam? Moffice Mail sorts mail using a learning spam database to block over 95% of spam and 99% of virus emails. Moffice Mail protects and secures your mail so you can browse through correspondence without worries.

Utilize Moffice Mail so you can keep pesky spam and virus mails out of your clean and pristine inbox.


A History of Excellence

Launched in 2001, our spam block mail software was developed by experienced specialist developers with extensive research. Through constant improvements and work, Moffice Mail blocks over 95% of spam.

Various Filters

Everyone is unique, so it's no surprise that people want different spam filters. Moffice Mail allows individual users to customize their spam filter type for personalized blocking or by administrator settings.

Personalized Lists

With Moffice Mail, users can setup 2 lists--Blocked Addresses and Whitelists-- made to block mail from undesired addresses entirely or to keep mail from important addresses out of spam and into the inbox respectively.

Spam Filter in Action

Analyzes Spam Word Content

Our spam filter analyzes the individual words from the content for each mail you receive. Depending on if you mark the mail as "spam", the spam probability (probability the mail is spam) increases, so emails with those words are more likely to be categorized as spam.

Checks Spam Probabilty Per Word Per User

The greatest advantage of this spam filter is personalization per user. Legitimate emails may vary from each individual so spamicity will decrease for emails regarding their correspondence. Likewise, email addresses that users reply to, add to contacts, or add to whitelists will never be sent to the spam folder.

Intelligent, safe,

and does an astronomical amount of good.