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    Everything you need to start collaborating business content effectively with your team.

About Essentials

How can you create a collaborative environment?
Moffice Mail packages the most efficient features for mail, company content management, and mobile access in a compact solution.

Work with Moffice Mail to manage your mail and company data expertly in an easily accessible Cloud server.

Calendar & Contacts

Organize events and clients for everyone

Mobile Sync

Keep all your Calendar and Contact data with you on-the-go after setting up automatic synchronization with your mobile device. A client's number changes? Change in event time? Edit the contact or event and everyone who has access to that information will have the changes automatically save to their mobile and Web data.


Need a calendar for personal schedules or a contact folder for your appointed clients? Create custom calendars to juggle multiple events and custom contact folders for cleaner organization. Make Moffice Mail work for you.


Want to invite others to see your customized calendars and contacts? Share with others and set various reading, editing, or writing permissions for each user. Be in full control of your customized data.

Email Toolkit

Send mail like you never have before


Organize your inbox with folders for optimal mail sorting. Quickly access emails as needed from each custom folder and even setup rules for email addresses or domains. Tidy up your inbox to increase productivity and mail management.


Easily compose mails to company contacts by selecting from the organization chart or through auto-complete in the address bar. Add quality content with attachments that auto-convert to Web links when over a certain size. You can even select from company templates when composing.


Send mail your way. Create a wealth of alias addresses and select from any of these to set as your "from" address. Mail at the perfect time with scheduled deliveries and check up on the open rate of emails with read-receipts. You can even send password-protected secret mails for classified documents.


Add your own flair to Moffice Mail. Compose using the editor, HTML, or text and attach custom signatures. When busy, quickly setup vacation auto-replies and mail forwarding as needed. Love Outlook? Integrate it with your Moffice Mail account in just a few steps.

Whisper & Note

Like you're in the office, even outside


For a quick quips, send Whispers to one or many of your coworkers. Perfect for the casual message or office memo ("Someone ate my lunch yesterday!"). You can even add attachments as needed and check received Whispers on Web or mobile.


Write from anywhere. For mobile, scribble down information in handwriting or text. Easily attach handwritten signatures to any document. You can also attach images or other file types as needed. It's the perfect way to, well, take notes.

Clever, handy,

and has everything but the kitchen sink