• Big Data Mail
    High-technology power to help organize, protect, and analyze mail for business growth.

About Big Data Mail

How does mail need Big Data? Moffice Mail utilizes powerful servers that use Big Data frameworks so users can mobilize their mail correspondence for future insights, save infinte mail history for records, and quickly index and search through inboxes.

Big Data enhances Moffice Mail so mail can be faster, more secure, and more valuable to your company.

What's the Difference?

A Comparison of Mail Services

Other Mail

  • Slow processing
  • Closed mail system
  • Hard to share data
  • Gets slower as the number of saved mail or data usage increases
  • Has weak security for all mail
  • Because it was designed for individual use, impossible to gain more value from mail data

Big Data Mail

  • Fast viewing and searching
  • Private company mail server
  • Share customer mail correspondence with others
  • Despite large numbers of saved mail or data usage, remains fast through flexible expansion
  • Encrypts all mail with encoding so outside access or security breaches are impossible
  • Indexes mail correspondence between each customer to gain insightful analyses and metrics

How does it work?

Data Flow Map for Moffice Mail

Efficient, intuitive,

and still keeps green in your pocket.