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Moffice Collaboration

Ready to revolutionize the way you work? Moffice Collaboration facilitates a fluid social environment so everyone in a company can smoothly work together on any task. With our patented system that currently works for over 120,000 users worldwide, businesses just get more done, every day.

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Moffice Collaboration was built to improve basic business principles for collaboration. Learn more about how our software improves the below aspects.


Flexible communication is the lifeblood for a company's work and innovation. Likewise depending on the type of content to deliver, different communication channels can be utilized for top optimization. Moffice Collaboration offers Board, Circular, Talk, and Whisper menus for effective communication.

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Every business is looking to finish more tasks in shorter increments of time. No matter how big or small the task, Moffice Collaboration has a tool to meet your work needs. Utilize the Task, To-Do, Project, Approval, and Mail menus to complete duties quickly and sleekly.

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Content Management

Documents pile up as businesses grow. How can anyone handle this data? Organize and sort the information most important to your business with Moffice Collaboration. With CloudDisk, Archive, Resource, Calendar, and Contact menus, keep all the most essential internal intelligence on-hand.

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Managing a growing company is no easy task--especially managing people, the root of any organization and the day-to-day cost of operations that add up. Moffice offers HR, Admin, and Expense menus for cleverly run operations.

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