• Content Management
    A suite of smart instruments ready to manage precious internal knowledge and assets.

Content Management

Businesses have to manage not only file content, but also events, clients, and company resources. Digitize all your data and store it in Moffice Collaboration. It's simple to share, streamline, and manage content-related work.

Content management assists in retaining, tracking, and sharing vital company knowledge and assets.


About CloudDisk

CloudDisk serves as a useful, dependable, company Cloud storage platform. Upload files and attach them to any Moffice text editor or share them with others through Web link while setting limits on download count or availability. CloudDisk offers version history and records for all files as well as activity feeds. Manage critical company documents and other file type data with a reliable and secure Cloud storage system.


About Archive

Organize older, less relevant records into Archives. All documents or Collaboration menu data (Mail, Task, Board, etc.) become encrypted when saved to the Archive so that the data can only be viewed from the Web menu or by separate backup, making it a secure library. Likewise a comprehensive search with variable filters makes finding files fast. Users can also add permission settings so only relevant people can read, edit, or move files or documents.


About Resource

Resource is the ideal system to manage company tangible assets--it's an online registration system that links to Calendar so you can setup reservations for meeting rooms, cars, equipment, etc. and even repeat these reservations automatically. Likewise for meeting reservations, everyone involved will get email notifications related to the reservation. Automate resource management to avoid work collision and reduce paperwork.


About Calendar

Calendar helps manage events that are company-wide, departmental, or even personal. Create multiple custom Calendars and add one-time or repeatable events. View events on your mobile after sync and get notification reminders before they start. Adjust time zones when working with those in other countries as well. Share Calendars with others if needed. Calendar is the ultimate event content organization tool.


About Contact

The Contact menu efficiently organizes your client or account data. Create company, department, or private contact folders and automatically sync with mobile for perfect on-the-go access. Add pictures and business cards to the file and never again have to repeatedly enter the same data. Share folders with others for smooth collaboration. Import and export contact data when needed.

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