• Communication
    An exhaustive network of channels to help initiate conversations for effective work collaboration.


What can real communication do for your company? Everything, to be honest. Progress through work without collision. Innovate new ideas with interdepartmental brainstorming. Increase morale with a friendly atmosphere between coworkers.

Communication creates an inventive and dynamic workplace, ready for more challenges.


About Board

Board is essentially a forum hub for users. With Company Boards, administrators can post important notices or information. Other Boards can be created for teams, departments, or individuals to gather documents with custom sharing permissions and optional post password-lock. Users can always comment on postings for feedback and receive notifications by mobile and Web. Board allows for fun, casual internal communication.


About Circular

The Circular menu allows administrators or users to send office notices, announcements, consent forms, polls, etc. to selected workers or everyone. Better yet, Circular allows the writer to confirm the receipt and participatation of all recipients. Never again deal with a worker who "didn't get the memo"! Circular is perfect for one-way notification delivery while still illiciting responses from others.


About Talk

Talk is all about instantaneous communication. Use the desktop or mobile versions of Talk to chat with anyone in your company in real-time. Everything is on a private communication server for your company, but external guests can be invited as needed too. Talk offers additional features like screen share and remote access so teams can collaborate even more efficiently.


About Whisper

Whisper is best used for the informal, nonchalant message. Need to send a quick alert to one or more people? Whisper it and users can check the information on their mobile or desktop. Likewise, Whisper writers can add file attachments to their content and check the time that recipients checked the Whisper. Whisper! It's the new way to alert other people "team happy hour reservations at 5pm".

Agile, classy,

and will make you happy as a clam.