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    Office essentials to manage your business operations painlessly, with elegant simplicity.


The workplace is dynamic. People come and go, plumbing suddenly breaks down, and so much more. What's a manager to do? Keep firmly on top of administration with HR, Admin, and Expense menus.

Administration tools allow managers to streamline company information flow for smoother work processes.

Time Card

About Time Card

With Time Card, setup a handy clock in-out system. After establishing working hours, employees can add the Time-Punch mobile app to their devices and punch in to work via NFC, Wi-Fi, or even GPS. Electronically view attendeance records and times to streamline payroll and other HR activities.


About Holiday

Manage absences with the Holiday menu. See who is absent, for how long, and how many vacation days they have left that year. Users can electronically request holidays for approval and use holidays as necessary to cover unexpected absences. Know who is in the building and who is sipping Mai-Tais at the beach at all times.


About Organization

Use Organization to manage employee profiles (details available to administrators only) and view various statistics about your workforce on the Web app or mobile like gender ratios and seniority. Users can update their personal profiles at any time to help admins keep track of moving phone numbers or addresses and data will sync automatically to the system.

Admin Menu

About Admin Menu

The Admin menu is a special page for the main Admin of the company to customize various settings for Moffice Collaboration. Control access points on Web and mobile, create organization charts for employees, set password strength conditions, create email alias addresses, add permissions, and more. With the Admin menu, you can truly make Moffice Collaboration work perfectly for your business.


About Expense

With the Expense menu, users and admins can create reports based on the expenditures that occur for projects, business trips, and more. Groups can create shared reports to divide responsibility or CC others that need to know what is happening. Admins can view total company expenditures and costs incurred per user with dynamic and interactive charts. Understand where your company funds are going.


About Asset

Need to keep track of your company valuables? Use the Asset menu to create and track categories and their items from depreciation costs to usage when interlinked with the Resource menu. Add managers with customizable permissions to take responsibility for all or various assets while viewing reports on items by status and category. Admins can even set up locations for different offices or storage facilities and add visualization aspects by inserting the address through a Google Maps API.

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