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Moffice CloudDisk

Want to take file management to the next level? Moffice CloudDisk serves as a complete business storage platform for all your crucial documents and media. Access data from any device and share it with whoever you want, for however long. Take full control of your company's information.

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Moffice CloudDisk provides a Cloud library for your files, readily available anywhere. How does our software increase workplace productivity and IT ROI?

Cloud Storage

It's no secret that the most productive companies integrate Cloud servers to their IT infrastructure. With Moffice CloudDisk, you can enjoy a huge storage space with secure encryption, user logs, and a powerful internal search. Streamline file management and security for your business.

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Moffice CloudDisk syncs with phones, tablets, and desktops for premium connectivity. With custom folders and permission settings, you can control who will be able to see your data and what they're doing with it. Share more data, smarter.

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