• Cloud Storage
    A lightweight storage platform in the Cloud that securely saves enterprise files and relevant information.

Cloud Storage

Create a file management system for your business that will increase productivity and decrease IT infrastructure spending, while also knowing that your data is centralized for employees and safe from outsiders.

Cloud storage provides flexible, safe, and dynamic file management for all companies.



Files that are uploaded to CloudDisk are automatically encrypted for maximum protection.

Lost Device Protection

Turn off access to CloudDisk for lost devices to keep your data safe from any possible intruders.

Data Retention

Revision History

Track all file-related user activities and what changes were made (downloads, revisions, uploads, etc.).

File Recovery

Recover files that have been lost or accidentally deleted so your firm never loses another document.



With a Big Data-powered multiple filter search, finding the files you need is ultra-fast and easy.


View folders and files by name, date created, file size, favorites, and more, depending on your preferences.

Jazzy, liberating,

and saves time and money in spades.